Ocala Acupuncture for dogs, Ocala Acupuncture for cats, Acupuncture for pets

Pain Relief
Our promise: To keep your pet pain free for the best quality of life.
Laser Therapy
Our state of the art Laser Therapy is FDA approved pain management for
your pet. It is effective for everything from arthritis to trauma,
whether from injury or invasive surgical treatment.
Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic care for cats, dogs, or other animals is no different
than in human care. Chiropractic treatment can play a vital role in
your pets well being and aid in pain relief.
Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese Medicine and has been practiced
for nearly 4,000 years. Our Ocala dog and cat acupuncture clinic can
ease your pets pain through holistic medicine for canines and felines.
Over the last few decades acupuncture has been increasing in
popularity within the veterinary community because of the beneficial
effects it has on pets.
Paddock Park Animal Care Center
3931 SW 42nd Street
Ocala, Fl

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